Have You Noticed? The Housing Market Is Starting to Look Brighter

Real estate indicators are starting to shift in favor of home buyers as the housing market sets its sights on spring. Mortgages are getting cheaper, housing inventories are growing, and home prices are rising at a slower pace. © Busà Photography/Getty Images Mortgage rates have been … [Read more...]

Millennials Are Undeterred by Fixer-Uppers

Young adult home buyers aren’t afraid to buy a home in need of some major TLC. Sixty-seven percent of millennial home shoppers who participated in a recent Clever Real Estate survey of 1,000 U.S. residents in the market for a home said they would put in an offer on a property in need of major … [Read more...]

Video: How much home can you afford?

Video: How much home can you afford? … [Read more...]

That’s So 2018! The Most Outdated Home-Buying Advice You Should Now Ignore

undefined undefined/iStock; realtor.com There are few things more stressful than buying a home. That's probably why nearly everyone who's been through the home-buying process is happy to give you some advice. It's a nice gesture, really. It's just not always helpful. The problem is that when … [Read more...]

That’s So 2018! The Most Outdated Home-Selling Advice You Should Now Ignore

Steve Debenport/iStock; realtor.com There's one thing more scary than buying a house, and that's selling a house. There is so much pressure to list your house and sell it quickly—and for a great price—that you probably find yourself turning to those who've been there before for … [Read more...]

5 Hacks to Make a Tiny, Cramped Closet Look Huge

David Sacks/Getty Images No matter how beautiful and spacious your home is, one out-of-sight area could still make visitors cringe: your closet. Especially if it's small, dark, and cluttered. "A house can be amazing, but if it has no closet space or the closets are super small, which you do see … [Read more...]

Germaphobe’s guide to cleaning your house!

Video - Germaphobe's guide to cleaning your house … [Read more...]

What Slowdown? The 10 Markets Where Home Prices Are Unstoppable

iStock; realtor.com The question is no longer if the nation is in the throes of a housing slowdown, but rather how deep and wide it will wind up being—and how much of a blow it'll deliver to the American real estate market. The signs are becoming ever more troubling. The number of existing … [Read more...]

Ready to Remodel? These Home Renovations Will Pay Off the Most (and the Least) in 2019

stevecoleimages/iStock New year, new home renovations? Whether you're getting ready to transform your entire kitchen into a farmhouse-chic dream (hello, shiplap and apron sink!) or maybe just to add some new wood floor for the foyer, it pays to know what kind of return on investment your home … [Read more...]

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