How to Buy a House for $10,000 Upfront (or Less!)

baona/iStock Pssst ... wanna know how to buy a house for just $10,000 upfront, max? No, this isn't a scam, or a ploy to lure you into purchasing some rickety shack in the middle of nowhere. We're talking about a nice house in a nice neighborhood—for no more than a hundred Benjamins. We get … [Read more...]

Nearly 4M to Get a Credit Boost: Good for Mortgages?

Many consumers may see their credit scores move higher, following an announcement on Monday from FICO, a leading credit scoring company. FICO, Experian, and Finicity announced a new pilot program that will consider how prospective borrowers manage their cash that could move credit scores higher. … [Read more...]

Why Home Buyers Need to Hurry

While there have been signs recently that the market may be shifting toward the favor of home buyers, prices are still on the rise in many areas around the country. The median sales price in July was $230,411, up 5.8 percent year over year. © 10'000 Hours - Royalty-free / Getty Images … [Read more...]

Will Garages Become Extinct?

The technology to power driverless vehicles is already here, and greater tests of autonomous vehicles are already hitting the roadways. And as autonomous vehicles are spread around and the popularity of car-share programs rise, housing analysts are already calling on the death of the garage in … [Read more...]

Please Don’t Put Your Couch There! 5 Mistakes We All Make Arranging Living Room Furniture

Milkos/iStock From family movie night to book club meetings, the living room is a major social hub in your home—but did you know that furniture placement can make or break these gatherings? The placement of your furniture can seriously affect the comfort and functionality of your living room, … [Read more...]

Homeowners Putting the Brakes on Remodeling

As the housing market slows, homeowners are halting their plans to upgrade their home. The booming housing market had been making homeowners feel like investing their growing equity into sprucing up their homes. Remodeling activity climbed to a decade high of 7.7 percent this year, according to a … [Read more...]

How to Create a Welcoming Entryway

Don’t discount the entryway with staging, even if it’s tight on space. It’s the first area that potential buyers see as they walk in the front door. It’s your chance to make them feel welcome and fall in love with the home instantly. The entryway is also a high-traffic area, so it needs to … [Read more...]

High Debt-to-Income Ratios Prompt More Mortgage Denials

© wakila - iStock/Getty Images Plus A high debt-to-income ratio has superseded poor credit history as the number one obstacle for mortgage applicants, according to real estate data firm CoreLogic. Though the number of borrowers who have been denied a mortgage has steadily declined over the last … [Read more...]

181 Twin Creeks Drive, Jonestown PA 17038

Come see this wonderful large, open and spacious home with modern amenities.  Upgraded storage shed, covered patio, and much more!  $189,000 … [Read more...]

Hot Home Decor Features That Won’t Age Well: 4 Trends That Lack Staying Power

Bulgac/iStock Half the fun of renovating a house or refreshing your home's interiors is getting to incorporate all those trendy home decor features you've seen plastered on Pinterest, Instagram, and in your favorite shelter magazines. Scroll through, and you're bound to catch on to the colors, … [Read more...]